How to care for your hair this winter

Woman looking at the ends of her hair


The number one way to care for your hair this winter is moisture! Cooler weather means dryer air, and our hair and skin can feel this change deeply. It may be time to change your wash lineup. Below are a few recommendations to help make sure your hair and scalp stay healthy!


1. Shift up a level in your shampoo moisture

If your scalp is susceptible to dryness, change your shampoo to a more moisturizing one, like The Daily Shampoo.


2. Don’t forget your ends

If you love that root volume but experience dry ends, use The Daily Conditioner, which has soybean oil to help lock in that moisture.


Ingredients in The Daily Shampoo and The Daily Conditioner



3. Give your hair a little more TLC

All hair types need more love in the winter. Designed for all hair types, the award-winning In Minutes silkening mask nourishes, strengthens and shines without compromising your style.


In Minutes Silkening Mask



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