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The benefits of heatless curling methods:

If waking up with springy, defined curls with little effort isn't enough to convince you to grab a couple of clean spare socks out of your sock drawer, maybe the other pros that sock curls (and other heatless techniques) offer will sway you to try this hairstyle hack.

1. They keep aging hair healthy

"The main benefit is the heatless element - being able to achieve movement without risking heat damage," says MariLynne Cosmillo, hairstylist and founder of hOURS haircare. Overuse of hot tools and frequently exposing hair to heat can lead to breakage, dryness and split ends that leave hair looking thin, frizzy and brittle.

2. They make hair look fuller

"Sock curls can add lots of bounce to your hair, creating a very full style, although volume - meaning height, specifically - isn't necessarily the focus here, since the socks don't work to lift your roots," says Cosmillo. "That said, those with a very pliable root may find that switching your part after creating the curls allows more volume to shine through."

3. They use items you already have

4. They're easier to do than using hot tools

"So many struggle with using curling irons or doing elevated blowouts on themselves, so a technique like this can be really appealing," says Cosmillo. All you have to do is "set" your hair and then forget about it until the morning.

5. They save you time getting ready in the morning

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