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Our gentle cleansers create a healthy and fresh styling canvas. When picking your shampoo, always focus on what your roots need.


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Shampoo Pro Tips:

  • Always make sure your hair is completely wet.
  • To help your shampoo spread evenly, pump it into your palms and scrub them together until the shampoo begins to lather.
  • Apply shampoo directly to your scalp, focusing on your part, crown, nape and hairline first. Then, connect the dots for full cleansing coverage.
  • If your lather isn’t sticking to your roots, it’s because there’s too much oil for the shampoo to lather. Give your hair a second wash.


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Our Conditioner Collection

Designed to be the foundation of your style, conditioners are about what your ends need. When picking, focus on how you’re styling your hair.


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Conditioner Pro Tips:

  • Make sure your shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out.
  • When conditioning, it’s common to focus on mids and ends, but if your hair is dry or you have medium to coarse hair texture, you may want to use your conditioner closer to your roots as well.
  • Let your conditioner sit for an extra minute on long hair to make it easier to detangle.
  • Rinse, rinse, and rinse again!


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