Your top haircare questions answered

Your top haircare questions answered


As haircare experts with decades of experience, we’ve heard them all! We’re sharing the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear.

1. Is conditioner really necessary?


We get it—you may want skip it if you’re worried about volume—but it’s always necessary.

Conditioner is important for adding moisture back into the hair and sealing the hair’s cuticles to prevent breakage.

Pro Tip:
If your conditioner is too heavy, try a super lightweight one, like the High Noon Volumizing Conditioner, which will help detangle and add shine without any extra weight.

2. My blowout takes forever. What can I do to speed it up?

You should always avoid blow drying sopping wet hair with a brush. First, rough dry with just your fingertips and blow dryer to remove as much excess moisture as you can until you start to see your natural texture appear. Then, section and blow dry using your favorite styling brush.

3. What's the impact of hard water on my hair, and how can I minimize its effects?

Hard water deposits unwanted minerals on your hair. This largely affects your hair color, resulting in dullness, brassiness, and sometimes even green tones.

The buildup of these minerals over time will also cause hair to become dry and brittle, and it can also leave a “film” on your hair that will have it feeling heavy and weighed down, even when it’s clean. Incorporate a clarifying shampoo, like Day 7, to your wash ritual to minimize impact of hard water.

Pro Tip:
Try a water softener, which you can find at your local home improvement store!

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