Your guide to summer haircare essentials

Summer Hair Essentials

Sun-kissed adventures can be hard on our hair. Dive into our summer haircare guide for expert tips and must-have products to protect and nourish your hair all season long!

Build-up be gone

Day 7 Clarifying Shampoo
Swimming, sunscreen, sweat, and product buildup?
Use Day 7 Clarifying Shampoo every few washes, or as needed, throughout the summer to gently create a clean canvas for styling, while maintaining your healthiest hair!

P.S. The Zoe Report just named Day 7 a “2024 TZR Beauty Groundbreaker!”

Refresh on the go

On-Time Dry Shampoo
When summer calls for a light, airy refresh, use On-Time Dry Shampoo to instantly—and invisibly—absorb excess oil.

Even better, it’s available in the perfect travel size to bring along for all your summer adventures! The Skimm’ just named it a "top product to get you out the door in 10 minutes" and a “2024 Good For You Award Winner.”

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