We're breaking down 5 common hair myths

Breaking down common haircare myths

Our expert stylists have heard it all, and we’re setting the record straight on some of the most common haircare myths! 


1. If you see flakes you have "dandruff"

 A common misconception is that a flaky scalp means you have dandruff. However, most people that see tiny flakes simply have dry scalp—much like when your skin is dry. It can be caused by either product and oil buildup, or by a lack of moisture.

A weekly clarifying shampoo, like Day 7, will help clarify and detox your scalp, removing oil and buildup. Additionally, weekly mask treatments, like our award-winning In Minutes, will help keep your hair and scalp moisturized root to tip.


2. Treatments are time consuming

Most people think they don't have time for hair treatments, but not all hair masks require 15 minutes or more...

hOURS In Minutes Silkening Mask works its magic in as little as two minutes, transforming hair to soft and shiny!


3. Split ends can be repaired

Some products claim they can "repair" split ends, when in fact, split ends can only be fixed with a trim. However, split ends can be prevented in between haircuts by using products that contain ingredients such as coconut oil, which nourishes, and pea protein, which creates a protective structure for anti-breakage and heat protection.


4. You can't use moisturizing hair products if you have oily hair

It's a myth that if your hair gets oily quickly that you shouldn't use any hydrating products. Just like your skin, an over-dried scalp can overproduce sebum (oil). Using products with lightweight moisture, like our award-winning The Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and The Daily Moisturizing Conditioner, every now and then will help keep a balance.


5. Mousse is only for air drying wavy or curly hair and leaves a hard, crunchy finish

Outdated misconceptions are that mousse is only to be used for air drying hair that has a wave or curl pattern to it and that it leaves hair with a "crunchy" finish. This is not the case with modern mousses of today, like our award-winning Full-Time Plumping Mousse. In fact, mousse is now an extremely versatile hair product.

You can use it on mostly any hair texture. It's great for adding all over wet hair prior to a blowout for added body and bounce, or for fine, limp hair that tends to fall flat, target your roots for some lift! It can also be used for air drying, leaving hair with a soft, touchable, no crunch finish that adds body and lift.


Time is the ultimate luxury.

Spend yours with hOURS.

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