Turn your routine into ritual

hOURS haircare


Whether you’re in the salon or at home, at hOURS, we believe that haircare should be more than just a routine. It should be a time to connect with ourselves, filled with moments of peace, luxury, and confidence.

To help, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to make the most out of the minutes we spend caring for our hair:


Tip 1: 

Turn up the music! Grab your ear pods or speaker and set the mood for your styling ritual.

Have a favorite styling playlist?

Share it with us!


Tip 2:

Visit your favorite salon and treat yourself to a blowout!

P.S. You can extend your blowout using On-Time Dry Shampoo.


Tip 3:

Make the most of the time spent on your styling routine and give yourself a 2-minute treat with our award-winning In Minutes Silkening Mask.

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