On-Time Dry Shampoo named a "Best Dry Shampoo" by InStyle

hOURS On-Time Dry Shampoo as seen in InStyle

The 23 Best Dry Shampoos for Just Washed-Looking Hair, Tested & Reviewed

By Irene Richardson, InStyle 

Best for Colored Hair: hOURS Dry Shampoo

What We Love: Naturally occurring clay absorbs excess oil and odor, and the organic ingredient takes it easy on scalps prone to irritation.

“This is the only formula I’ve tried that actually feels invisible — as the name suggests,” says former assistant commerce editor Emily Cieslak, who adds that this is one of her favorites because, “The light, clean feel makes it great for using several days in a row, which I do quite often.” Translation: You can really blast your roots with this dry shampoo and not worry about the unsightly build-up and, simultaneously, the thoughtful addition of pea protein bonds will strengthen strands.

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