On-Time: An instant style refresh

On-Time: an instant style refresh

Tip 1:

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Make sure you're spraying 6-12 inches away. Divide your hair into 1 to 2-inch sections and apply an even layer.
"I always recommend avoiding applying dry shampoo directly to your part itself—instead, work just beneath it, parallel to your part, on both sides," veteran hairstylist and hOURS founder, MariLynne Cosmillo says. "When you're done, just gently massage your scalp to blend and revive your style."

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Tip 2: 

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 It's helpful to use dry shampoo on day 1 or 2 of your wash cycle as a preventative spray for oil buildup. Using dry shampoo when the hair is still fairly clean isn't harmful and will help beat the excess oils to the punch.


Tip 3:

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"A claw clip, dry shampoo, and the blow dryer will reset the volume at your roots," says Cosmillo.
Simply lift a small section at the root and clip it up, then spray in the product to hold it in place once the clip is removed.

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