Meet the hOURS Wash Collection!

hOURS Wash Collection


Loaded with premium ingredients to make your styling experience easier and more enjoyable, our wash collection formulas are made to mix and match. Elevate your wash routine with hOURS!

hOURS Shampoos:

  • The Daily Shampoo: Moisturizing shampoo formulated with lightweight moisture to maintain healthy hair
  • High Noon Shampoo: Volumizing shampoo designed for hair that needs a little lift
  • Sleek Week Shampoo: Smoothing shampoo created to fight frizz
  • Day 7 Shampoo: Clarifying shampoo made to gently remove excess buildup creating a clean canvas without stripping hairs of their natural moisture

hOURS Conditioners:

  • The Daily Conditioner: Moisturizing conditioner designed with a balance of moisture, softness, and strength for versatile styling
  • High Noon Conditioner: Volumizing conditioner for moisture without the weight
  • Sleek Week Conditioner: Smoothing conditioner formulated to restore softness and fight frizz for easier styling in less time

hOURS Treatment:

  • In Minutes: Silkening mask created to transform hair to soft and shiny within minutes 

Wash tip:

Scrub your scalp only, not the full length of your hair. The shampoo will gently cleanse your ends are you rinse, but lathering your ends can leave them dry, tangled, and damaged.

The hOURS promise:

hOURS is formulated sulfate free and with gentle cleansers to protect color and keratin-treated hair.

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