Meet hairstyist Aviva Jansen Perea

Meet hairstylist Aviva Jansen Perea

As a celebrity stylist with nearly 20 years of experience, Day Rate Beauty founder, Aviva, loves the transformation she sees in someone’s eyes from when they first sit in her chair to when they look in the mirror at the end result.

“There’s a glimmer of confidence that gets injected through my hands, and that is the most rewarding feeling ever.”

We asked Aviva for a glimpse behind the scenes at how she makes the magic happen:

Q: What is your number one piece of advice for clients?

Use styling tools that aren’t damaging to the hair.

We spend so much money on fancy shampoos and serums and supplements, and then, we use elastics that break the hair or brushes that are damaging.

The key to healthy hair is a holistic approach, and every tool matters. That’s why I created a line of hair pins that are coated in super soft, plastic-free, plant-based nylon, so they won’t damage your hair or the planet.

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Q: How did you discover hOURS?

I discovered hOURS when I got to partner with this amazing brand for the global premiere of Barbie. Once I got to play around with these goodies, I fell completely in love with the formulas and found that they were innovative and so efficacious.

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Q: Why do you choose hOURS?

hOURS has become a staple in my bathroom and my professional styling kit. I style hair for high stakes moments and have to have products that perform and that I can rely on 100% of the time.

Q: If you had to pick your *one* can’t live without hOURS product, what would it be?

The Full-Time Plumping Mousse is something that find myself reaching for every time I do hair. I can use it on clients to give the most voluminous blowout that still feels touchable, but also can scrunch it into hair and dry with a diffuser to achieve the most romantic, bouncy curls.

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