It's time to ditch these hair habits!

Time to ditch these hair habits


Looking to step up your haircare in 2024? We're talking common haircare mistakes. From your daily part to your go-to ponytail, we're shedding light on a few common habits that could be impacting the health of your hair and scalp.


1. Give your part a break


If you’ve been parting your hair in the same exact spot for years, you may start to see it widening. Shifting it around, even just a bit, can prevent this and keep your scalp healthy.

Trying it out? Our Full-Time Plumping Mousse gives roots some volume and will help hold a new part style!


2. Your daily pony could be causing breakage.


Whether you're an avid top knot, high pony, or messy bun kind of person, your daily updo might be causing more harm than good. The weight can put a strain on your hairline, and the constant crease from the elastic can cause breakage.

Be sure to switch up your style every few days, and treat your hair weekly with the In Minutes Silkening Mask, which contains avocado oil to strengthen hair and protect it from damage.


3. Don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo.


As stylists, one of the most frequent hair issues we see is buildup. Applying your shampoo unevenly is typically the culprit, as it's common to lather the top and sides, and overlooking roots at the back of the head.

Being mindful of your application will avoid this, and using a gentle clarifying shampoo, like Day 7, once a week or every few washes will help remove excess oils at your roots.

P.S. No need to wash your ends—the shampoo will gently cleanse without any friction as it rinses!

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