How to pick the perfect conditioner

Picking your perfect conditioner

Our conditioners are designed to help you achieve your styling goals. When picking your conditioner, focus on what your ends need and what you're doing with your hair. Conditioner is the foundation of your style.

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The Daily

The Daily Conditioner

Is your hair dry, dull, or damaged? You probably need The Daily moisturizing conditioner. Giving hair a healthy shine, The Daily is a great go-to conditioner for most and helps detangle.

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Sleek Week

Sleek Week Conditioner

Do you have curlier hair and want to achieve a smooth style? Are you constantly losing a battle with frizz? Sleek Week smoothing conditioner will assist you in smoothing out your curl pattern and frizz, keeping it in place.

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High Noon

High Noon Conditioner

Does the slightest bit of moisture weigh your hair down? High Noon volumizing conditioner will give you lightweight moisture that won't affect your ability to achieve a style with volume and body.

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Conditioner pro tips:

  • Make sure your shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out.
  • When conditioning, it's common to focus on mids and ends, particularly for oily or flat hair, but if your hair is dry or you have medium to coarse hair texture, you may want to bring your conditioner up closer to your roots.
  • We love letting conditioner sit for an extra minute on long hair to make it easier to detangle.
  • Rinse, rinse, and rinse again! Not thoroughly rinsing out your conditioner will affect your styling result.

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