How to create your 2-minute power pin twist

The Power Pin Styling Duo

A limited edition collaboration between hOURS and Day Rate Beauty, On-Time Dry Shampoo pairs with the Petite Power Pin in Ivory to refresh, hold, and style your most chic hair twist. Learn how to create a 2-minute power pin twist with celebrity hairstylist and female-founder Aviva Jensen Perea!

Create your own power pin twist with Aviva

  1. Refresh your roots with On-Time Dry Shampoo.
  2. Spray the Petite Power Pin with On-Time for added grip.
  3. Gather hair into a pony at ear level and twirl into a snake-like twist.
  4. Wrap hair upward and tuck the hair into itself to create a classic french-twist shape.
  5. Add the Petite Power Pin at the top of the twist. Scoop a little hair in the upward direction, then flip the pin, pushing it down through the twist to secure.

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind the collaboration between the two female-founded brands sparked after hOURS founder MariLynne Cosmillo met celebrity hairstylist and Day Rate Beauty founder Aviva Jansen Perea when hOURS collaborated with Aviva on America Ferrera's look for the LA Barbie movie premiere this summer.

“When MariLynne noticed that I sprayed the On-Time Dry Shampoo on the hair pins I used to create America’s updo, it was an a-ha moment,” says Aviva. “I have been spraying my hair pins for years! I love that it gives them the extra grip they need to stay in place. The combination of the Dry Shampoo and the Petite Power Pin is a perfect way to create the classic French Twist.” 

“I’ve followed Aviva’s work and Day Rate Beauty for some time—as a stylist, it’s so difficult to find strong, quality pins,” says MariLynne. “When I saw that Aviva sprayed On-Time on her pins before securing them in America’s hair, I thought, what a genius idea! I personally love Day Rate pins, how effortless and chic they are, and how they blend into your everyday routine seamlessly.”

Day Rate Beauty's Petite Power Pin is coated in plant-based nylon for a no-snag finish and made of stainless steel to provide a strong hold for any updo. Aviva's method of spraying her coveted hair pins with On-Time dry shampoo, a soft, invisible formula made with naturally occurring clay and pea protein, makes for a longer-lasting style that is red carpet tested and approved.


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