How On-Time Dry Shampoo can extend your wash day

hOURS On-Time Dry Shampoo as seen in Mind Body Green

5 Ways To Extend Your Wash Day & Get Softer, More Voluminous Hair

By Hannah Frye, Mind Body Green

Look for dry shampoos with clean ingredients

Some dry shampoos contain irritating ingredients and excessive fragrances that can aggravate your delicate scalp, clog the hair follicles, and stick to your strands a little too well. The next time you shampoo, you'll have to really scrub that already irritated scalp extra hard to dismantle the buildup, which can further inflame the skin. It's a rough cycle, to say the least.

This doesn't mean you have to skip the product category altogether; rather, shop and use dry shampoos mindfully. Look for cleaner formulas utilizing plant-based oil absorbers (like the hOURS On Time Dry Shampoo), and use them sparingly. As a general rule: If you feel you have to pile on the dry shampoo, it's probably time to just wash your hair.

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