hOURS team spills the tea about On-Time Dry Shampoo

Picture of the hOURS haircare team



MariLynne (Founder + Stylist):

We formulated our dry shampoo with versatility in mind. As someone with dark roots, it was especially important to me that On-Time left no residue, and I am incredibly proud of its soft, invisible finish.

The extra perk that makes me love On-Time is its rich scent that's to die for!



Cassie (Brand Manager + Stylist):

I love that we finally have a travel version of On-Time! I keep one in every bag, car, you name it, so having a mini On-Time can is my dream come true. Plus, I just love minis everything!

What makes our dry shampoo stand out for me, though, as that not only does it help your hair look refreshed, it also doubles as a hair perfume, making it smell clean too!

Stacy (Stylist + Educator):

I can recommend On-Time to all of my clients no matter their hair color. That's a huge win in my books—not to mention it refreshes next day blowouts as if you just left the salon!

I'm so excited that we finally have a travel friendly version of this salon best seller. Now, I can take it with me wherever I go! 
aintain shine and movement.

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