hOURS behind the scenes

hOURS behind the scenes


Meet Kate Bailey


A veteran stylist, Kate loves making the beauty in everyone show from the inside out. Learn a few of her favorite tips and techniques!


Q: What is one hair tip you most frequently tell your clients?

When shampooing your hair make sure it is saturated. Then, take your shampoo in your hands and rub it together until it turns white and foamy before applying. It will extend your shampoo by activating it, especially with concentrated shampoos like hOURS.


Q: What’s your favorite, can't-live-without hOURS product?

The In Minutes Silkening Mask. I love this product. It transforms even the driest hair to silky smooth, literally in minutes. When testing products out, I always try them on myself first. Before trying In Minutes, the underside of my long hair was always getting knotted and tangled. When I used the mask on my hair, it was knot free for weeks without getting weighed down.


Q: Anything else you want to add?

When wanting the perfect blow out to last for days less is always more. hOURS is the perfect product line that allows for versatility, while not causing too much buildup thanks to its clean, cruelty-free ingredients.

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