Get the Look: Behind the scenes of these sleek award show hairstyles

Behind Karen Pittman's Critic Choice Awards style

Karen Pittman — styled by Marcia Hamilton 

Celebrity stylist, Marcia Hamilton broke down how she created Karen Pittman's sleek bob for the Critics' Choice Awards using hOURS:

"When I approached this look I wanted Karen to look and feel amazing with echos of Sophia Lauren’s iconic Hollywood vibes. With much collaboration we decided a should skimming bob would be perfect and complimentary to her look." ⁠

Get the look: 

  • Start with clean, damp hair.
  • Apply Full-Time Plumping Mousse, working it evenly through the hair.
  • Blow dry hair using a large round brush to enhance volume and texture.⁠
  • Straighten small sections of hair with a flat iron at a 90 degree angle. Work through hair from the nape to the front. Use a pressing comb to straighten hairline if necessary.⁠
  • Add A Little Controlling Medium Hold Hairspray.
  • Straighten large sections of hair with a flat iron from nape to the top, this time moving iron in a C curve to create a slight bump to the hair.⁠
  • Blend and finish style using a wide tooth comb.
  • Set the look with Mostly Modest Flexible Hairspray for a bouncy, movable bob.⁠
  • Use Well Traveled Tousle And Shine Spray to tame fly aways. ⁠


Behind Rachel Brosnahan's Emmy Awards style

Rachel Brosnahan — styled by Owen Gould

Celebrity stylist, Owen Gould broke down how he created Rachel Brosnahan's sleek, healthy look for the Emmy Awards using hOURS:

“I was excited to partner with hOURS for this year’s Emmys look. It was important the hair look voluminous and healthy, so hOURS was the perfect fit,” Owen said. “The inspiration was sleek and clean hair to complement Rachel’s Versace dress. We wanted the hair tucked behind the ears and then smooth and cascading down the back.” ⁠

Get the look: 

  • Start with clean, damp hair.
  • Use a palm sized amount of Full-Time Plumping Mousse, working the product though from roots to ends.⁠
  • Blow dry hair using a medium sized round brush, concentrating heat at the roots for maximum volume.⁠
  • Once hair is dry, spray Wild Card Matte Texture Spray at the roots. This allows some hold, which is perfect for a light teasing at the crown area.⁠
  • When hair is smooth, spray  Well Traveled Tousle And Shine Spray for a sleek, photo-ready finish.
  • As a final touch, lightly mist hair with Mostly Modest Flexible Hairspray to lock in the style, while still allowing for soft movement and touchable, red carpet-worthy hair.

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