Dry shampoo do’s & don’ts from hOURS founder MariLynne Cosmillo

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Tips for getting the best results from dry shampoo, as seen in Beauty Launchpad:


  • Target your roots! When aiming dry shampoo, make sure it’s targeting the scalp and the first few inches of the hair so it can absorb the excess oils, and lift the roots back up for a cleaner, refreshed look and feel.
  • Split + spray. Gently pull the hair up into a mock-ponytail and spray the entire hairline. Start just beneath the part and draw a line on the scalp to split the hair apart, then spray the roots. Continue working downwards towards the ears, moving toward the crown.
  • Shake it! It’s essential to shake the can so it truly is invisible, but to also get the perfect spray each time.
  • Spray 6-12” away. This gives the spray a chance to dispense widely and evenly to get the best results from the formula. Spray too close and the hair could feel damp; spray too far and it may lessen the effects of the formula.



  • Spray “all over.” Remember that dry shampoo absorbs excess oils, so keep focused on the root areas.
  • Wait until it’s too late. It’s best to use dry shampoo on day 1 or 2 as a preventative spray instead of day 3 or 4. Using dry shampoo when the hair is still fairly clean isn’t harmful and will help beat the excess oils to the punch.
  • Spray on a brush to apply. This isn’t efficient and could make the rest of the hair feel oily as its distributing the oils throughout.
  • Settle for powdery-white roots. If a dry shampoo leaves a white residue on the hair, first check that all of the directions are being followed properly. If that isn’t the problem, look for a dry shampoo that’s designed for all hair colors. On-Time was formulated for an invisible refresh on all hair colors.


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