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The Voluminous Pony

with stylist Stacy Mena

Smooth hair back into a half-up pony and include hair from behind the ears and the crown. Clip the lengths of this pony up to keep them out of the way.

Split the remaining hair into two sections, and bring these sections up above the half-up pony, pulling the half-up pony through.

Use an elastic to tie the two sections together. This will create two stacked pony tails to build volume.

Lock in your style and smooth any flyaways with Mostly Modest Flexible Hairspray. Then, spray the pony with Wild Card Matte Texture Spray for buildable volume and texture!


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The 3-D Braid

with stylist Mia Santiago 

Pull hair back into a smooth, low pony tail. Isolate a small section of the lengths, spray with Mostly Modest, and wrap it around the elastic for a sleek finish.

Split the pony into two sections, securing the ends of each one with a clear elastic.

Create a pattern for your braid by splitting the left section and weaving the right section all the way through. Continue until you've reached your ends.

Keeping the hair secured in your hand, use your fingertips to gently stretch out each area of the braid to build an even, 3-D effect from top to bottom.

Spray Mostly Modest Flexible Hairspray all over for a soft, moveable finish. Then, secure the ends.


Watch the full tutorial

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