Day 7 shampoo featured in Good Housekeeping's "15 Best Shampoos for Curly Hair of 2023”

Day 7 Clarifying Shampoo


"Best clarifying shampoo for curly hair"

"Clarifying shampoos are great for removing buildup and deeply cleansing hair. But, with curls especially, you don't want them to aggressively strip the hair. GH Institute Deputy Editor Jessica Teich loves this pick for that deep clean, sharing that it's a 'great go-to for a reset.'

'It even has peppermint oil for a fresh feeling clean that I really love,' she raves. 'It's a little pricey, but clarifying shampoos, including this aptly named one, only need to be used about once a week, so one bottle will last you a while.'"

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