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“While clean beauty had its time, more consumers are understanding there is nuance in what ‘clean’ means from one company or retailer to the next," according to MariLynne Cosmillo, Founder of hOURS Haircare. "I see this pivoting where educated consumers are starting to look for what specifically is (or isn’t) in their hair care—not just the label ‘clean’—to shop for products that meet their personal needs."

Another trend, according to Cosmillo: “Low maintenance hair will be big going into the fall. We’re seeing lots of fringes that make any low-maintenance look feel elevated. Post-summer, we start focusing on adding shine as the humidity leaves.

The hOURS Well Traveled Tousle + Shine Spray features red algae rich in magnesium for soft texture and dimension. The feel and appearance of healthy hair is both a seasonal goal and a long-term goal. While styles come and go, the most common foundation we come back to is healthy hair, and if we can achieve legitimate results in as little time as possible, that’s a bonus. That’s why I created hOURS In Minutes Silkening Mask, which contains biotin, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E to name a few. The formula works to transform any hair type to soft and shiny within minutes and won’t weigh down your style.”

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