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Tame flyaways with hairspray

"One of the most common hairstyle mistakes? Thinking serums will prevent those annoying hairs that seem to have a mind of their own.

'While serums are great to help with frizz in general, frizz is different from flyaways,' says MariLynne Cosmillo, a professional hairstylist in New York and founder of the hair-care line hOURS. 'Serums nourish, but they don’t provide any hold or control.'

Hairspray, on the other hand, will work some serious magic. Even if you’re not big on hairspray, it’s absolutely worth it to have a bottle on hand for this job.

'Spray a medium-hold hairspray directly onto your fingertips, then gently smooth down the strays,' advises Cosmillo. 'Applying hairspray in this way and then moving the hair where you want it will fix the problem, and it won’t leave you with excess product everywhere.'"

Use quickie hair masks

"The idea of doing a hair mask can be daunting. We think we need to set aside ample time to apply and let the stuff sit on our strands, so we push the whole process off until we have a free evening, or even an hour, which is … never. But this is a hair myth—you don’t need to devote a ton of time or energy to this task. According to Cosmillo, just two minutes is enough time to let a good mask do its thing.

'Honestly, you can transform your hair to soft, silky and shiny in a couple of minutes, then go straight to blow-drying and styling,' she says. 'The hOURS hair mask is literally called In Minutes, to drive home that very point. Just use it in place of your regular conditioner in the shower every few weeks when you need some extra hydration. It acts super quick and does as good a job of conditioning your strands, working just as well as something you’d [put on your hair] overnight.'”

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