As seen in Mind Body Green's "Avocado oil for hair: 6 benefits & how to use it in your routine"

avocado oil

Shiny hair is understandably desirable. However, there’s not a way to fake highly reflective strands, given that shiny hair is synonymous with healthy hair. Still, there are steps you can take to encourage stronger, more hydrated hair—one of which is oiling your hair.

A common hair oil used for boosting shine and strengthening strands is avocado oil.

Hair benefits of avocado oil

  • Hydrates and conditions
  • Reduces breakage and split ends
  • Encourages growth
  • Hydrates the scalp
  • Reduces frizz and improves shine
  • Antioxidant protection

Best products with avocado oil

Hair type considerations

All hair types can benefit from using avocado oil within their products, hOURS Haircare Marilynne Cosmillo says, but some hair types should use it just as is for the healing properties. “Using avocado oil straight from the bottle is beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair,” Cosmillo says.


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