As seen in Mind Body Green

As seen in Mind Body Green

Should you use the same type of shampoo & conditioner? The answer may shock you.

Many people would agree that post-salon hair just hits differently. Your roots are bouncy, your lengths soft, and the shine is often unmatched. Even if you invest in the same products your stylist uses, sometimes your strands just don't look or feel the same—but why?

If you've ever wondered what these pros are doing differently, keep reading. Ahead, we're going to share a quick tip that countless industry experts swear by, but you may not have tried at home yet.

Why you should mix and match your wash products.

The hack: Don't exclusively shop in bundles for your shampoo and conditioner. Unlike a coordinating workout set, matching isn't always better when it comes to hair care. You know, those washday duos with the same end goal: hydrating wash sets, volumizing wash sets, etc.

Instead, "Buy shampoo based on what your scalp and roots need and conditioner based on what your ends need," New York City–based hairstylist MariLynne Cosmillo, founder of professional-grade consumer hair care line hOURS, tells mbg.

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