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While the popular undercut hairstyle can be polarizing, no one can deny its versatility. The look, wherein the under portion of the hair is cut super short or shaved, flutters in and out of trend due to its edgy-meets-sophisticated style. Wear the hair down, and it looks like a classic pixie, lob, or bob, but pulling the hair up or back reveals a fun little secret of shorter hair, sometimes adorned with multi-dimensional shaved layers, rainbow-colored hues, and even stenciled-in designs.

Whether the upkeep of routine haircuts becomes too high maintenance or you want longer hair and a different style, growing out an undercut can be done without an awkward stage with the right trips and tricks—and plenty of patience.

Although heat can do a number on the hair, MariLynne Cosmillo, hairstylist and the founder of hOURS Haircare says blow-drying hair growing out can help it.

"You'll want to use a product with control, like hOURS Full-Time Plumping Mousse on wet hair, and blow dry it with a paddle boar brush in a downward direction. This will help smooth and keep it in place as best as possible." Then, once there are a few inches of regrowth, start incorporating it into a low ponytail, bun, or braid. "To capture the shorter strands, do a double-pony method," she advises. "Section off the back half of the hair taut with a boar bristle brush, then secure it with an elastic. This will keep the small hairs from buckling and popping out of the ponytail. Then, pull back the front sections of your hair, securing them to the pony with a second elastic. Finish hairspray at the nape to keep everything in place."

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