2-Minute self-care rituals we love

2-minute self care rituals we love

Showing up for ourselves looks different for everyone, so we're sharing a few of our favorite 2-minute self-care rituals, perfect for mask days!

  1. Spray essential oils in your shower and do a 2-minute deep breathing exercise.

  2. Start or end your day with a gratitude mindset by focusing on three things you're grateful for.

  3. Take a cold rinse for your hair and body. The cold water not only seals your hair's cuticle, but it boosts your "feel-good" dopamine levels, lifting your mood.

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From Reader's Digest

"The idea of doing a hair mask can be daunting. We think we need to set aside ample time to apply and let the stuff sit on our strands, so we push the whole process off until we have a free evening, or even an hour, which is ... never.

But this is a hair myth—you don't need to devote a ton of time or energy to this task...just two minutes is enough time to let a good mask do its thing."

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